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Handbook Essentials


We would like to welcome you and your student to Lowell Elementary, home of the Unicorns! At Lowell Elementary it is our mission to provide an education that engages students in academics, social emotional and life skills to become active contributors to the world around them. We use a variety of strategies and resources to meet the diverse needs of our students. We welcome family involvement and look forward to working with you and your child to give them the best possible education experience.

Bell Schedule, Arrival & Dismissal

  • Office Hours - 7:45am - 3:50 pm. 
  • The office is closed from 3:00 - 3:35 pm. 
  • Student Hours - 8:05 am - 3:35 pm

Students will be allowed to enter campus no earlier than 8:05. Breakfast will be served daily until 8:15. Please make sure that your student is on time in order to be able to get the most out of their breakfast time. We will start dismissing all students at 3:30. We have several ways students can be dropped off and picked up from school.

Please remember that following our drop off and pick up procedures is crucial to ensuring the safety of our students, families and staff and also to ensure everyone gets dropped off and picked up as quickly as possible without any issues. Please remember that Lowell staff are trying their best to ensure safety and efficiency so please maintain respectful and kind behavior when picking up your child. Individuals who are repeatedly disrespectful, rude, aggressive, etc. with staff will be given a warning but may eventually result in a ban from campus.

The front and back parking lots are closed to families during pick up and drop off (approximately 7:45am - 8:15am and 3:15 - 3:35pm.) If you need to come into the office during drop off or pick up you will need to park on Sunshine Terrace past the gym (east of the front entrance) and walk in from there or you can visit after 8:30 and park in the front lot. Students should NOT be dropped off from the street on Sunshine Terrace! 

Car Drop Off and Pick Up – Cars may enter on Ash. During drop off students should not exit the cars until duty staff have arrived at 8:05. Students will walk up the ramp into campus and to their classrooms. Families must stay in the car. During pick up, students will not be dismissed to walk to a car that is not at the gate. Please remember car pick up will speed up as we go through the year. Last year we got it down to 15 minutes total. Families are not permitted to park in the small lot in the back to pick up their child. You must stay in the car lane and wait until you reach one of the gates. Families are also not allowed to walk up to the back area to pick up students. If you would like to walk up to pick your child you will need to meet them in the front of the school at the white gate. See map at end of handbook. During both drop off and pick up cars should not drive around other cars unless directed by a duty staff.Any families who violate the car drop off and pick up procedures will not be allowed to use the car lane anymore and will be required to pick up their student at the front gate. 

Walkers – Families who don’t want to wait in the car line can also choose to park and walk up to meet their child at the front of the school. Families can meet their walker students at the white gate at the front of the school beginning at 3:30. To choose this option you will need to park on Sunshine Terrace past the gym (east of the front entrance). 

Bus – Lowell staff are able to provide the basic information about pick up and drop off locations for bus riders, however, we are not able to address transportation concerns directly. To report concerns with bus transportation please contact the APS transportation office: (505) 880-3989 or at

Other reminders about pick up/drop off: 

  • Gates will not open until 8:05. We do not have supervision for students until 8:05.
  • If your student arrives after 8:15 they are marked as tardy. Breakfast is between 8:05 – 8:14
  • Students should be picked up by 3:35
  • Students will not be checked out after 3:00 (the office will be locked from 3:00 – 3:35)
  • The front parking lot is not available for families during drop off and pick up.
  • Drop off and pick up times are not times to chat with your student’s teacher about concerns or progress. It is important that teachers can get students started as quickly as possible and not waste instructional time. Additionally teachers need to be monitoring students and ensuring that all is well in the classroom and having a discussion with another adult can distract the teacher. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress and/or any concerns or questions, but you must make an appointment. Any family members that repeatedly try to have discussions with the teacher while instruction is happening will not be allowed to drop their child off at the classroom door anymore. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this rule.

Last year, community centers accepted registrations for after school programs and they provided transportation from school to the community center in the afternoon. We are unsure if this service will be available this year due to the remodeling of Loma Linda. Ask our clerk for more information on community centers or visit to find more information and to register. 

Families who are repeatedly late will be reminded of the rules to pick up students on time but if late pick up continues, other necessary actions will be taken to ensure that the student is picked up on time including contacting APS police or other support services.

School Rules

Meals and Snacks

Lowell elementary provides free breakfast, lunch and snacks to all students. If your student does not like the lunch or snack they are welcome to bring their own, however, please know that Lowell Elementary does not allow sodas, chips, candy, etc. We are more than happy to allow healthy snacks that are packed in a lunch box (fruit, veggies, crackers, bagels, granola bars, etc.). There are several reasons for this rule and we hope that you will understand that this rule is in the best interest of the health and safety of our students.

Toys, Electronics and Other Items

We do not allow toys, electronics or other personal items that may cause a distraction to the learning environment. Please be sure to check that your child does not bring these items to school. Toys, electronics and other items can get broken, stolen and/or lost and this can be upsetting for students. If your child does bring an item without permission and it gets broken, stolen or lost, Lowell is not responsible for the item so please do ensure your child is complying with this rule.

Dress Code

Lowell will no longer be a uniform school. The school community voted at the Spring Title I meeting in March 2023 and the majority of votes were to move away from uniforms. Along with the APS procedural directive for dress code, the Lowell community has voted on the additional following guidelines for dress code specific to our school:

  • Full length shirts that can tuck in (no strapless shirts)
  • Pants secured around the waist
  • Rips in jeans should not expose anything above mid-thigh
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be mid-thigh length or longer
  • Shoes should not have wheels
  • No translucent, sheer, or transparent clothing


Lowell Elementary follows the attendance policies of APS. You can find these policies listed on the APS website. Please remember that the attendance phone calls you receive for absences are a district system and Lowell staff are not able to turn off the calls or change them in any way. If you receive one of these calls it is because your child has reached an absence rate that is considered high. Research shows that students who attend school frequently and are not absent often make more growth than students who miss more school. Please reach out to school staff if you have questions about attendance. We are here to support you.


We welcome volunteers at Lowell Elementary! All individuals wishing to volunteer at Lowell are required to receive a background check through APS. The background check information and the application can be found online at the APS website. Once cleared to volunteer, the classroom teacher and the volunteer will work together to come to an agreed upon schedule for volunteering. Volunteers must comply with all campus and district rules and regulations. Any volunteers who violate any campus or district rules and regulations will be subject to removal from volunteer privileges. 


At Lowell Elementary, we follow the guidelines in the APS Student Success Handbook. Please carefully review all parts of the handbook to ensure you have all the information about rules, consequences and expectations. We work hard to teach students expected behaviors and ways to appropriately deal with conflict, emotions and other situations. Daily social emotional learning is incorporated in our schedule to support students in learning respect, responsibility, kindness, empathy, and self regulation. We will work closely with families to communicate any behaviors and work with families to find possible solutions. Our goal is for students to have a safe and happy learning environment. If you have any questions you can reach out to our front office at any time. 


We follow the state and district rules regarding immunizations and medications at school. You can find more information on the APS Website about student health requirements. Our health office is also here to assist you. Please communicate any medical information with the health office as soon as possible. To reach the heath office dial 505-764-2011 x21908.

Other Information

We have a variety of ways we communicate with families about upcoming events, student progress, attendance, behaviors and other important information. We utilize:

  • Class Dojo (please be sure to sign up for our school page as well as your classroom teacher’s page)
  • Email
  • Letters and Event notices sent home in backpacks
  • Phone
  • In person meetings 
  • School newsletters

Families are encouraged to communicate with their classroom teacher regularly and to reach out to their classroom teacher first with any concerns. If you feel your issue is not addressed after contacting the classroom teacher, you can reach out to the office for additional support. 

Safety, security and the well being of our students, families and staff is a priority at Lowell Elementary. Please understand that the rules and procedures reviewed in this handbook are set up to maximize the safety for all and ensure that we are able to provide an uninterrupted, healthy, happy learning environment. If you have questions about a specific rule or procedure please let us know.